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The Walking Dead’ [SPOILER] Danai Gurira Shares Farewell Video By Andrew Lincoln Post Departure

Spoiler Alert! For Those Who Have Not Watched TWD’s All Season Episodes. 

The latest episode of Walking Dead bid farewell to Michonne’s character [Danai Gurira]. As reported earlier by The Inquistr that this was her final episode in The Walking Dead series. So to bid farewell, she sent a Farewell video to her favorite cast member.


The video message shared by Gurira on her Instagram account opens with Lincoln playing the piano and singing Guns and Roses song Live and Let Die. But in the end, he changes the words saying that they all love her.

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He then says he remembers how his character first met Michonne in The Walking Dead. While Rick thought she was an idiot with a katana, but his son, Carl (Chandler Riggs), saw something else in Michonne. Due to this result, Rick went out to rescue Michonne, who had fainted.

The actor then goes and explains the embarrassing moment it created behind the scenes. Lincoln was instructed to pick up Michonne, but he tried to do the full lift. He tried a few times, but later, he dropped Michonne and fell on top of her.

After apologizing for the old incident, he then went on praising Danai.

“I just want to say congratulations on an incredible character, an incredible achievement, and you are the most marvelous, talented, dignified, honorable, classy, and gorgeous girl I’ve had the good fortune to work with, and I just want to say big love and congratulations.”

Then Lincoln returns to his piano and is singing “Gangsta Paradise” by Coolio.

How Did Danai End Her last scene?

Michonne ended her final episode in search of Rick, who was found dead in Season 9 after the explosion under the bridge. However, the viewers will know of the hit Zombie series that Rick was saved by Anne/Jadis and hidden away by her mysterious group. There are speculations that she will feature in the trio movies also featuring Rick Grimes that AMC are currently making.

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