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Say What? Netflix Is Opening Its Doors For Angry Birds

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Angry Birds Summer Madness appears on Netflix in 2021. In this, they would show the tweens of Birds in their summer camp. The series is planning to form 40 episodes each of 11 minutes.

The show will cast all our birds, and it will be similar to the movie. The Mighty Eagle will be the camp counselor, and the pigs would be the antagonists.

It will cast a few new characters to the series, and hopefully, the kids who have not been introduced to the game will enjoy it. Those kids who have already played earlier are now supposedly adults.[Pun intended]

A single post from the series has also been posted. Here is a look:

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The series is a collaboration of developer Rovio and Kid’s entertainment specialist Cake. Ed. Galton Cake’s managing director briefed a statement saying that Angry birds are ready to smash the small screen, and we thrilled to have Netflix as our Global Collaborative Partner.

The Angry Birds Movie 2 released in 2019. So far, the game has been reviewed for the best score ever for a video game on Metacritic.

For Further details, Stay Tuned! Until then, be safe and healthy as we all know that CoronaVirus is bringing a lot of threats. Please Follow social-distancing so that like Angry Birds, you can smash away the danger!!

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