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Javier Bardem Hold Up To ‘Generous’ Friend Johnny Depp Against Amber Heard Tactics

The Amber Heard- Johnny Depp case has arrived with more twists and turns. When the Aquaman actress, filed a case against Johnny Depp for domestic abuse, the whole world was shocked.

Our beloved Jack Sparrow, filed for a case of domestic abuse? It was unbelievable but true. The case started back in 2015 and is yet to be resolved.

What happened back in 2015 between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard?

The couple married in 2015 and were leading a happy life. But happiness was never in their plate. Slowly, physical abuse started by both of them, which became severe. In late 2015, Amber Heard filed a case against Johnny Depp for the physical abuse he has done towards her.

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She provided proofs, including bruised pictures of herself and clumps of hair, which happened during the fight. The statement by Amber Heard defamed Johnny Depp and left him with no choice.

The case had a huge impact on Johnny Depp’s career.  They later divorced, and the case was settled. But why has it reopened again in 2019? Well, we have only heard one part of the story.

Is Amber Heard telling the truth?

It was found that even Amber Heard had physically abused Johnny Depp. Surprising, isn’t it? Well, yes, it is. Not only that, but there is also news stating that Amber Heard had filed the case to get recognition, which makes the case way messier than we thought. How did we know that?

Amber Heard had confessed that she had physically abused Johnny Depp, but to stop him from harming her. It turns out; the statement was partially true.

From certain evidence, the court found pictures of Johnny Depp bruised after the fight. Not only that, but there is also even an image of the finger injury Johnny Depp had when her wife threw a vodka bottle at him.

To support, there are even taped conversations of the couple, which clearly shows that Johnny Depp was a victim of domestic abuse of Amber Heard. Ironically, Amber Heard is an ambassador for Women’s rights and domestic violence advocate.

Currently, Johnny Depp has filed a lawsuit against her ex-wife, charging $50 million for defamation. To support him, his Co- star, Javier Bardem has defended him by giving his statement in court.

“I love Johnny because he is a good human being, trapped in the lies and manipulations of toxic beings and yet smiling and loving us all in spite of it. How? Through his music, through his acting, through his silence. This means a lot. Thank you, Johnny. Millions of others like me love you deeply” said Javier Bardem.

The decision of the court is yet to come, as it is delayed due to OCVID- 19. Only time will tell what next would happen in this case.


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