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Jan Luis Castellanos In Talks To Join the New Cast of ’13 Reasons Why’ Season 4?

“13 Reasons Why”, had gained a lot of popularity among its viewers. The show consists of a bunch of new surprises in each of its seasons.

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Now, its time for the show to take a farewell with its 4th season. The 4th and the final season consists of a few new faces in the cast, including JanLuis Castellanos, as Diego Torres. To name a few others, Dylan Minnette and Alisha Boe would also be joining the cast.

Castellanos End Up Giving A Teaser of the Series:

Castellanos said that he never thought that he would ever be watching a series with so much interest and regularity, but this series made hin do so. It’s not because he got to play a role in the series. Castellanos had been watching 13 Reasons Why, since the starting season, and he has been very much into the show. He had already watched all the three seasons long before he was recruited for the 4th season. He also calls it an honor to work with Brian Yorkey, the creator of the series.

Diego In 13 Reasons Why: 

Castellanos would be playing the role of Diego, who is an intensely charismatic and loyal leader for their football team. Diego tries very hard to bind up the organization to cope up with the loss that they had suffered during the past days. He gets confused and disturbed by the fact that he is unable to understand his own emotions and thus walks to the most complex women of Liberty Highs to heal his heart.

Are You Excited for The Finale:

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Though Castellanos tries hard not to let his tongue slip. He still is unable to stop himself teasing about the series. He says that the death of Hannah and Bryce in the previous seasons will have a significant impact on the 4th season. The actor reveals his excitement regarding the series as well as his role in the series.




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