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Jackson Browne Tests Positive For Coronavirus, Fly Its To His Son

Singer-songwriter Jackson Browne says he is fine after being tested positive for Coronavirus. Browne believes that he is the majority of people with mild symptoms and can recover soon.

The musician shared that he is currently seld- quarantining in his home in Los Angeles. He said that every citizen has a role to play when it comes to health.

“I’m Ok,” says Browne and also said that almost all of his symptoms have almost reduced to nothing.

Browne Gets tested positive

When asked about what prompted him to get tested he answered, he was obsessing over every precaution, was washing and sanitizing his hands. As soon he realized he a light cough and fever, he took the test the very next day. He heard one of his crew members also coming down with the virus after their concert on March 12 in NewYork.

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But added that he wasn’t feeling all that sick. He felt fortunate that he wasn’t affected in full force. The New York crew member was pretty sick, and he emphasized that one never knew how one’s body could react to the virus.

He said he wasn’t hospitalized because his body could fight the virus and his condition wasn’t going to get worse. If Browne showed any symptoms such as- dry cough, high fever, and difficulty in breathing, he would have been hospitalized and given treatment.

He talks about the problems with Healthcare

Jackson Browne informed about how the real problem was how the healthcare staff did not have proper protection. It took a long time to get the results back. The situation in the centralized test centres was very bad. The doctors and nurses were extremely busy, and the couldn’t even log in every patient that came to them.

Browne further said that he is in complete isolation; he is away from his family; however, he did pass the virus to his son, Ethan. Ethan’s symptoms are also mild, and he is not very sick. Browne’s son is also isolated, and his condition is manageable. He regrets going to the concert in New York.

The song-writer passes his time while listening to music and working on songs.

Coronavirus has been wreaking havoc and affecting people all around the globe. Stay home, stay safe. We request every one to take precautions.

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