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High Hopes! Top Gun: Maverick, Black Widow And Fast 9 Yet To Be Postponed, Here’s Why

COVID- 19 has made us realized how important it is to take care of our Earth. While everyone is busy in self- quarantine, people are getting bored.

Though our favorite celebs are trying their best to keep us entertained, people are still complaining. Not only that, all the summer movies which were to be released this summer, have been delayed.

Was it necessary? Why are the movies delayed? How much time do we have to wait? These questions have been haunting the minds of the fans, and here we are to answer those questions.

Why are the movies delayed?

Many movies, which were planned to be released this summer, are delayed, thanks to COVID- 19. Why are they delayed? Because nobody wants that there should be any more commotion.

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The crisis is increasing day by day, and not a single human being wants that anyone else should die. Though this is a time of crisis, it has made us come together.

Directors and producers have stopped the production, as they are taking precautions. The shooting of movies occurs in different places, and nobody knows who is infected and who is not. No one wants to take a chance.

It is better to maintain social distancing than to become a cause for the spreading of the virus. Another reason is that if the movies are released during this time, then people would go to the movie theatres. There would be a gathering, which is not safe.

Which movies are delayed?

We have a long list of movies which have been delayed. Scoob, In the heights and Malignant, which were supposed to release in May, is delayed. When would they screen? That is yet to be known. However, the premiere date of Wonder Woman 1984 has been postponed to August 14. The movie was originally dated June 5 but now has a new release date.

Furthermore, MCU fans, you have to wait for some more time to see your Black Widow. Black Widow had a release date of May 1, but now, it is postponed.

Not only that, F9: The fast Saga is also delayed. Oh, dear! We had waited so long for May 22, to see F9, and now we are here waiting.

It seems like we have become Sirius Black and are waiting like the prisoner of Azkaban, to see some good movies!

Even Minion’s 2: Rise of Gru is delayed! What else can happen? Well, save your heart, as more blows are about to come.

Artemis Fowl, The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the run, Greyhound, Top Gun: Maverick, Jungle Cruise and Morbius are still on. These movies would be having their premiere in June and July, so yeah, it’s good news for us. It looks like, May is going to be deserted.

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