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Heaven Or Hell’ Travis Scott’s Pupil Don Toliver Is Here To Stay

Don Toliver, the music sensation belonging to the very city of music sensations, Houston is ready to soothe us with his new music. The famous protégé, if Travis Scott has been working on a new project along with Travis itself. Don is known for his unique style of song making. He is the king of individualism. Don Toliver, 25 spurts with the very essence of the Texas City i.e., having an individualistic approach towards his conduct.

Even though Don belongs to Houston, he had always stood for himself and by himself when it came to music. He never took any help or influence in his career as a singer.

“We Go On A Road To Self-Destruction”

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The new project that Don has been working on is called “Heaven and Hell.” This very album had one of its singles released this very month, which goes by the name, “No Idea.”

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The lyrics to the song are full of depth. “We on a long road to self-destruction” is a bit from his song, “No Idea,” which has a huge fan base. The song got popular on TikTok, with millions of people using the song as a soundtrack. This was followed by the song making it into Billboard’s Hot 100, bagging the 43rd place in December 2019.

The approach of Toliver towards making songs is unique and different. He does not stick to a specific genre, as he is very versatile. One can find nuances of pop music, hip-hop, and even R&B in a single song of his.

“We Just Vibed”

Toliver and Travis Scott share a special bond. Don has signed with Travis, and for him, it was a huge thing. He said, “I am from Houston, and I am a fan of Travis, of course. We just vibed. He believed in me. Travis just took heed to it, man.”

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