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Hanna S2 : Initial On-air Date, Season’s Possibilities, Latest [UPDATE], Current News And Daunting Spoilers.

Amazon last year released a reboot of 2011 action thriller film which starred Saoirse Ronan, Hanna. The film was released in the form of TV series on Amazon prime and people absolutely fell in love with the series. The story is about a teen rebel girl who managed to escape from chasers in the search of normal teen life and lands up in London with her friend Sophie. The first season had eight episodes but there are still a lot that is open in the air and needs to continue. In the first season itself, the audience loved the show and asked for the second one. If the second season of Hanna happens, it will be streamed on Amazon Prime.

Is Hanna Being Renewed For Season 2 On Amazon? 

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Well, we have good news. Amazon has been all out with its renewal of hit series. Previously Amazon renewed Jack Ryan for season 2 months before the season 1 was released. Similarly, The John Krasinski Season 3 was renewed two months before season 2 was dropped. With the history of speedy renewals, Amazon didn’t back from Hannah as well. The Hanna Season 2 was renewed just two weeks after the season 1 was released.

Although there is no official date as to when season 2 will be dropped, we can expect it in this year, 2020.

Dermot Mulroney To Be In Hanna Season 2. WHAT!!?

Yes. You heard it right!

Sources confirmed that five new actors were added in Hanna Season 2 in September last year. The five new people include Dermot Mulroney as John Carmichael. Anthony Welsh as Leo Garner, Cherelle Skeete as Terri Miller, Howell-Meri as Helen and Gianna Kiehl as Jules.

What Is The Hanna Hype About?

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Well if you are a fan of teen-rebel-action filled series, this series is made just for you. In season 1, we saw that Hanna was “genetically born” to be a super soldier and work with the CIA’s Utrax program. But Erik takes away Hanna from the program and taker her to the Romanian forest.

There she gets trained in combats and survival tactics for 15 years. Erik tries to give Hanna a normal life away from the CIA and their missions which puts them on constant running and hiding. Soon after she manages to escape and looks for a new life as a normal teenager in London.

Does Hanna Succeed With Her New Life? What Is The Plot For Hanna Season 2?

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Hanna season 1 even though is the adaptation of the film Hanna (2011). But the makers have really expanded the story in all directions. The storyline is similar but the adventures and the craze have been up and beyond. By the end of season 1 Hanna realises that she has many sisters who were born in the same way as her to be super soldiers.

In the movie, it was shown that Hanna ends up being an orphan who has to make her life on her own. But the series can be very different, especially after they have kept Marissa alive.

There is a possibility Sophie and her family comes back for season 2 to ensure that Hanna is well-adjusted as a teen.


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