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‘Family Guy’ Fans Rejoice After Characters Stewie & Brian Start A Podcast Amidst Quarantine

People around the World are practising self-isolation and self-quarantine. Due to massive takeover by the pandemic COVID-19. Well, quarantining is not as easy as it may sound.

So, as to entertain their beloved fans, stars are taking to the platform of social media. They are coming up with ways to interact with their fans and entertain them in quarantine, alongside sharing valuable information and urging them to stay safe and healthy.

What does Seth MacFarlane have for us?

With all the world quarantining, Stewie and Brian are too. They are also going a little crazy about it. the characters have already played to amuse themselves. They were caught playing Trivial Pursuit, Candyland and Sorry! These hint on how desperate and bored they are at the moment.

So, the gracious Seth MacFarlane decided to channel this desperateness into something fun and engaging. He is the voice-over artist for the characters on the animated show.

Okay, so the podcast.

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With Stewie and Brian losing it, they naturally decided to do a podcast. Their focus is on current events to amuse themselves. There is also an attempt to pull a Gal Gadot, with Brian taking up the task of launching John Lennon’s’s Imagine. However, it was quickly scrapped.

And thus, Seth MacFarlane has generously for his fans donated his Instagram account, for the character’s musings.

Have a look at the podcast:

So, what do you think about it? let us know how you are using up your quarantine time. We suggest you use it productively. And come with creative ideas while not forgetting something important. Catching up on all the movies and TV series you wanted to binge. And stay safe. Furthermore, practice the necessary guidelines to help curb the spread o the contagious virus.

We’ll keep you updated on all the latest updates.

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