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Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Reasons His Nervous Turmoil Whilst Switching Careers

Dwayne Johnson’s wrestling days are a thing of the past. These days the ex wrestling star has attained fame in the Hollywood industry and is one of it’s leading superstars. Johnson has made a reputation of the overly macho action hero somewhat of a Deus-Ex Machina. Deus-Ex Machina is the power of God, which Johnson often exhibits in his movies.

Beginning of an Illustrious Career:

Johnson forayed his way into the Hollywood industry while still in his wrestling days. He started his now prosperous career as the main villain in the second movie of The Mummy series, The Mummy Returns. Dwayne has been touted with heavy praise over his tireless and tedious work ethic, but that’s only to be expected, seeing he was an ex-wrestler.

Owing to his wrestling days, his work ethic has remained the same, and it has skyrocketed his acting career. His films have reportedly grossed over 3.5 billion dollars in the United States and 10.5 billion dollars worldwide, making him one of the highest box office grossing stars of all time.

Transitioning and Behind the Scenes with THE ROCK:

These days with everyone forced to quarantine due to the virus outbreak, celebrities have been coming forward on the Internet. Johnson, on his instagram through a string of posts, gave us insight on how he paced his transition.

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Johnson stated he wanted to have a long-lasting career and create a box office presence. To attain his goals, he made a 10-12 year plan as we all know how difficult it is to make it amongst the Hollywood big guns. One of his biggest fears was that no WWE start had had a successful and long-lasting career in the film industry.

He did not want to have a short 2-3 year career that did not leave a mark behind. Safe to say that wasn’t a case here. Johnson has reinvigorated action in all his movies and become a household name, and he isn’t going away anytime soon.

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