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Corona Virus Makes Sure That There Is No Carnival Row Season 2 To Attend To.

The second season of Carnival Row started its production back in September 2019 in the Czech Republic. But with US President Donald Trump placing a ban on entry from European countries on March 13, 2020, the show decided to send every staff home to the US. The goal was to enter the US before the quarantine began.

The fans can watch the previous episodes on Amazon Prime. They need to subscribe as it used to be premiered on Hulu, but it is not available now.

Carnival Row Storyline

The mythical creatures are escaping from their homelands to save themselves by migrating to a Neo-victorian city. The remaining population of the city and the new arrivals does not get along. Soon, unsolved murders start piling up.

It is then that a policeman, Rycroft Philostrate, is asked to solve the murder case of a showgirl of Carnival Row. The policeman and a faery Vignette Stonemoss go down a dangerous and a forbidden path amidst the murders.

Carnival Row Season 2

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The second season of Carnival Row will have a new faery played by Jay Ali as Kaine. Erik Oleson has taken the responsibility of the executive producer. The release date of the second season cannot be expected before 2021.

The second season of Carnival Row will focus on the fae’s flight for liberation against human beings. Both Cara Delivingne and Orlando Bloom are going to be back for the second season of Carnival Row reprising their roles as Vignette and Philo, respectively.

Carnival Row Could Have A New Show-runner

Amazon has invested a lot in the series, which has got big names as well. So, it was not at all surprising that the eventual release of the second season was already confirmed right after the first season came out. Carnival Row is the first fantasy series to be on Amazon.

Now, putting all those aside it looks like Carnival Row is going to have a new show-runner. Co-creator, Travis Beacham will not be working in the second season. Marc Guggenheim is also out, and Erik Oleson is replaced in their place. Let’s see what will happen next in the series’ upcoming season.

Travis Beachum

Is There A Trailer Yet?

As of now, there is no trailer yet from the officials. We are not hoping to drop the trailer anytime soon. The fans need to wait for some time as the production has been halted for now.

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