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Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror CONFIRMED To Have A Renewal With Season 6.

If an anthology has been viral in no time and huge fan following is surfacing for an anthology series, then definitely it would be a Netflix series. Netflix has present many awe-striking anthologies until now. Black Mirror is one among them. Till now, it has released five seasons. This series is scripted by Charles Brooker and directed by David Slade.

Glistening update up for fans :

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After a marvelous run of the five seasons of Black summer. They have recently launched a Black Mirror: Bandersnatch movie, which is the first movie and adventure game. This takes the viewer to control the life and actions of the protagonist. Thereby many versions to the end are present in the film. After many years of work for that, fans stayed dubious about the season 6 of Black Mirror. Splintering all the doubts of fans, Netflix has come up with the flashing news of renewing the season 6.

Rejuvenating the plot and Cast :

Coming to the cast this time as always, the story changes for every episode, and there no even a slight link with any other event all-new actors are sleeved in for season 6. The big names include Anthony Mackie, Andrew Scott, Miley Cyrus. So it is going to another great series of thrills.

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As per reports, the plot of season 6 is an anthology that seems to be the ill effects of technology. Many speculate that this series will produce the thin chain linking all the episodes stating all happen in the same universe. So it will be quite thrilling for the fans to witness this. The team has not provided any information regarding the date of release. Not even a single trailer nor teaser is out as of now. But reports from the internal team working on the state that the season 6 will storm into Netflix by summer or spring of 2020.

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