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Apparently Travis And Kylie Status Exposed, Forced Kourtney To Make Her Son Delete Instagram 

Kourtney Kardashian keeps it real with her fans all the time, doesn’t she? She has revealed the reason for deleting her son’s Instagram account. She deleted Mason’s account shortly after he joined the social networking site. They spilled the tea about Travis Scott’s and Kylie Jenner’s relationship stats as well. With her Website Poosh, this Wednesday, March 25, on Instagram Live, she explained the reason.

The KUWTK star said that Mason is still very young. She doesn’t want her son to throw the cruel commentary by haters online. The brunette beauty, 40, said that her son didn’t consult with her or his father before taking this step. This is one of the reasons why she took matters into her own hands. She also said that her son does not have an iPhone. However, he regularly uses a computer for school. Stay tuned to find out more juicy details of the lives of the Kardashian clan and their kids!

Mason’s Parents are Strict 

Scott and Kourtney think that Mason is too young for Instagram. He is just ten years old, and there is an age limit for using Instagram. She is worried about the comments because people are capable of being cruelly mean. Instagram requires every user to be 13 years old or above, according to the social media platform’s policies.

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Once someone turns 13, they are allowed to create their account. The age limit can be higher also in some of the jurisdictions. If someone is below the age of 13, it is mentioned in the bio that a manager or parent is handling the account.

Mason made headlines 

Mason made headlines on 24th March for announcing that her aunt, Kylie Jenner, is not back with the rapper. During an Instagram live, he gave all the viewers an update about their relationship status. All of his followers and viewers got a major kick out of it.

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