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Apparently Sophie Turner Enjoying The Perks Of Self-Quarantine With Hubby Joe Jonas

Looks like Sophie Turner Is Enjoying Being Pampered By Joe Jonas.

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are reportedly enjoying each other’s pampering as they are practicing social distancing.

Like many other stars, the famous couple has been locked up together, and they are thankful for social. He was distancing as they are getting to spend more time together than ever before. The couple has been actively posting on Instagram with dance videos and Joe. Jonas is also showing up his chef skills in the kitchen, where he made pasta for Sophie, his wife.

A source closer to Turner shared that she is spoiled a lot more by her husband. Than it was before, they are feeling blessed to be together as they don’t get to meet much due to their traveling for work.

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“Joe is pampering Sophie by cooking for her on the daily and doing anything she is requesting. He has been having a lot of fun doing everything for her, and it has helped with their relationship that is already in a great place. They love that they are together and not working and can be together for the whole day. They love that they are being forced to be together and are taking everything very positively. It is as fun as it can be for them right now; they aren’t pulling their hair out just yet.” said an inner source.

About The Las Vegas Tour.

Joe Jonas and brothers had to remain positive as they had to cancel their tour due to coronavirus. The Jonas Brothers informed on social media that they had to postpone their Las Vegas tour because of coronavirus. Having more time by social-distancing, they are thankful that they would get time to “Recharge” The band also said that they would reschedule their Las Vegas tour once it is safe and sound to travel.

Sophie Turner, And Pregnancy.

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are very serious about CoronaVirus and are taking social-distancing very seriously. They even slashed out at Evangeline Lilly, who denied staying home and practicing self-quarantine. After the pandemic disease being confronted, people started spreading out that Sophie Turner is pregnant, and they would have their first child together. Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner yet have to confirm the news.


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