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Amid COVID-19 Extended Lockdowns, We Want To ‘Feel Good’ With Season 2.


Feel Good

Feel good is a British Comedy-Drama series created by Mae Martin and Joe Hampson. The Netflix drama stars Mae as the fictionalized version of herself. The series initially aired in the United Kingdom on Channel 4. Feel Good season 1 was released on Netflix in March 2020. The first season was released with only six episodes. And was able to attract some good reviews both from the viewers and the critics.

In the first of Feel Good, we have seen that Mae who lives in England and pursues a relationship with George. At the begging, the two seem to like to be a good fit. But the couple doesn’t announce their relation officially with their group of friends.

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 As Mae’s carrier in comedy develops, she realizes that George may not be ready for a committed relationship. And hence the Feel Good Season 1 builds a heart to heart relationship about the future of the couple. In season 1, we can also see that Mae had a relapse on her drug addiction.

Feel Good Season 2, Has it started Production yet?

There hasn’t been a season 2 ordered by Channel 4 yet. But a second season seems inevitable. However, a contract for the second season is very likely to take place in April or May 2020.

The show is deemed to be effected by the coronavirus Pandemic. But if fortunately the Production starts late this year and is not being delayed by the pandemic. Fans can still expect it to hit the screens by March 2021. The show will be available on both Channel 4 and Netflix. However, if the Production is delayed or put on hold, fans have to wait until late 2021 or early 2022.

What to expect from the second season?

The second season is expected to follow up from where the first season left. In an interview, Mae Martin told that nothing about the show is confirmed. There are loads of stories. So we can expect to see Mae returning to her Canadian roots and taking time off and deciding on who she wants to be. Both personally and professionally.

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