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5 Reasons Why We Unabashedly Are Hooked To Alita Battle Angel 2.

Alita Battle Angel received many mixed reviews from the audience and viewers. The action film from the maker of Avatar, James Cameron, did reasonably well at the box office. Besides, a Japanese Manga flick with the same name inspired the film. Moreover, while a majority of the audience loved the movie, critics didn’t think the same. 

Furthermore, critics aren’t a fan of the movie. It’s safe to say they hate the political activism around it. Well, do we agree? Of course, this has nothing to do with the quality of the film. We won’t expect anything less from James Cameron. Alita Battle Angel released at the same time as Captain Marvel in 2019. And surprisingly, it got many more praised than the Marvel flick. However, critics couldn’t handle this and labeled it as absolute nonsense. Here are five reasons why Alita Battle Angel deserves all the praises! 

The main lead – Alita

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Let’s be very honest; the main reason we love the movie appears as the main character. Rosa Salazar, who played the role Alita, carved a special place in all of our hearts. Moreover, Cameron did a great job of bringing the style to life and made us feel so connected to her. Not only that, but Alita’s somewhat human, which pulls us towards her. She shows emotions of vulnerability; she’s hurt by the people close to her; she feels love and loss as well. 

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Oh, and how can we forget. Her vulnerability and addiction to chocolate seem something we ALL can relate to! Besides, the character and Alita’s features portray emotion ever in her eyes. And that hits home. 

The interesting characters

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We have a specialized attachment to all the characters in Alita: Battle Angel. Moreover, all the characters have a positive drive to do their best, which in turn encourages us. Every aspect appears unique and tries to overcome tough times and problems. The flick motivates us to do the right things and find you inner true self and strength. 

The film’s positive message

As said before, the movie pushes us to learn about our inner self as well as strength. It motivates us to do the right things in life. The manga-based film gives us a vital life lesson, which will help many of the viewers. Furthermore, it emphasizes that traits like strength and courage are not magic or super powers. Nor can you get either of those from any technology. Besides, it comes from a person’s heart and mind, from their character. 

Alita Battle Angel’s apolitical

Politics. This word alone divides people nowadays. Moreover, many movies add their own opinion on politics these days. However, this flick has no mention of politics, which can divide the audience. We all know the film’ based in a completely different world, somewhat of a steam-punkish dystopian future world. The creators of the film very smartly avoided any big political points.

The films’ based on a Japanese Manga Comic

The movie already had a dedicated fan base even before it’s release. And thankfully, the movie didn’t disappoint them. Alita’s character dates way back to the beloved Manga comic book series. Director James Cameron did his best to create the comic’s adaption in a western live-action film. The fact that he did it, especially for his daughter, makes this even more adorable! Nevertheless, the creator of the comic, Yukito Kishiro, also loved the movie. 

If you haven’t seen Alita Battle Angel yet, you need to. Here’s the trailer for the movie!

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