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Rockstar Jackson Browne Contracts Coronavirus, Feels “Lucky That I’m Not Really Affected.”

Jackson Browne, The Rock And Roll Hall Of Famer, Has Tested Positive For Coronavirus: Find Out About His Condition

The 71-year-old singer and song-writer and the Rock and Roll Hall Of Famer told the Rolling Stones earlier this week that he has been tested positive for the Coronavirus. Browne revealed having experienced minor symptoms such as coughing and sneezing, nothing serious.

His suspicion, however, made him have a check-up is done to which the results came out to be positive.

I quarantined immediately upon knowing. My symptoms are really pretty mild, so I don’t require any kind of medication and certainly not hospitalization or anything like that,” Browne told the Rolling Stones.

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Browne believes that he picked up the virus while attending the Love Rocks NYC benefit. The event had several other popular icons present such as Dave Matthew’s, Cindy Lauper, Susan Tedeschi, Leon Bridges, Warren Haynes, Macy Gray and Derek Trucks.

Several of the invitees to the program have later been tested positive. Browne told the press that he regrets having attended the programme by travelling cross-country.

The Current Scenario In The US

Coordinator Deborah Birx of the White House Coronavirus Task Force declared on Tuesday that 56% of all the coronavirus cases in the US, as well as 60% of all the new cases, have been traced back to New York City. NYC seems to be the crux of the virus and is spreading further.

Furthermore, Greater New York City is responsible for 31% of deaths in the country. Therefore, strict quarantines orders have been administered upon the people of New York. To contain the spread of the virus even further.

What Browne Had To Say To People

Despite being affected, Browne told the press that he feels “lucky that I’m not affected.

He asked people to take the example of him and many others like him who have been tested positive. And stay indoors to prevent themselves and their dear ones from getting infected. Thanks, Browne and we hope for your speedy recovery.

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