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Jada Pinkett Smith Shares Sanity Mantra For Quarantined Couples In “Red Table Talk”

As the fight against the deadly COVID-19 moves forward. People all around the world took to self-quarantine to defeat the virus. In America, too, people have quarantined themselves. But in this quarantine, many people are struggling with being surrounded by their loved ones around the clock.

Red Table Talks

The 48 years old actress Jada Pinkett Smith had taken it to her Facebook series to address the questions of relationship. On her Facebook series named Red Table Talk, she explains to her viewers how to achieve a balance in a relationship.

As can be seen in a teaser for her next episode, as she tries to answer a question that a fan had asked. The fan twitted that even though he loved his wife. He needed some alone time during the quarantine and wanted her help to confront his wife.

In a recent vlog, the motivational vlogger Jay Shetty can also be seen explaining why one needed space.

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Jay explained that if one seeks for more space in their relationship, one expresses. But what they didn’t understand is that they also have to explain why they needed it.

Sometimes asking for space interprets as a desire to be separate

Jada also agreed to Jay’s view and insisted that asking for space sometimes gets interpreted as a desire to be separate.

Jada said that if one tells someone that you needed some space, sometimes it may trigger a confusion of divorce. She also said that it doesn’t always mean divorce and is as simple as asking for two hours from your partner.

Fans will be able to hear more relation tips from Jada on the next episode of Red Table Talk. The show is set to be air on Wednesday on Facebook.

In her last episode, she talked about the Coronavirus and was joined by her husband, Will Smith.

Jada also revealed that her 21-year-old son Jaden is being in self-isolation and was being a responsible human.

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