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Idris Elba Denounces Conspiracy Theories Stating ‘Paid’ Coronavirus Depiction In Celebs, Calls It “bulls***”

The Marvel actor, Idris Elba, calls out the theory that Celebrities are paid to fake that they have the virus. He calls it “Bulls**t.” Idris and his wife, Sabrina, tested positive for the virus.

They are currently in self-isolation, and the couple is furious over these absurd claims.

In addition, They go on to say how lying about the disease will not do them any good. Idris asks the logic to the theory. It’s not clear how the theory started. However, it is supported by stars like Cardi B.

Idris rose to fame with movies like The Wire and Luther, used this video to address the criticism celebs are getting for being tested for Coronavirus.

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Various countries like Uk are not able to get tested for the virus because if the lack of testing kits.

His Defense against the Claims

However, Idris Elba also insisted on how the debate about the rich and poor and who can get tested or not, is not healthy. He asks if he is preferential. If he got tested but tested positive for the Coronavirus.

As of now, They’ve been almost 18,000 deaths and 400,000 cases As of 24th March. Coronavirus is a highly communicable disease and is spreading across the globe like wildfire.

He adds that it’s real life, not a movie. He’s a real human being and not an actor. The actor has been debunking theories regarding his condition. He also clarified that he is not in “critical condition” after he saw a hoax video of him admitted to the ICU.

Idris’ Wife is tested positive for Coronavirus

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On Sunday, Idris’ Wife, Sabrina, was tested positive for the virus. She is self-isolating with her husband. She insisted on staying with Idris; Moreover, she wants to be with him in times of crisis.

The couple is recovering now, hoping for things to get better. What are your thoughts on this theory? Valid or Absurd?

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