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Heidi Klum Discloses Her Coronavirus Test Results Post Suffering From Symptoms

Good News! Breathe a sigh of relief because Heidi Klum’s reports have finally come. And she has revealed it to the netizens after 10 days of her last post where she was into ‘self-isolation’ due to feverish symptoms.


The Project Runaway’s actress was into self-isolation due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic since March 7. The isolation shut down production on the third season of NBC’s America’s Got Talent: The Champions too and all her fans were scared because even celebrities and big names are falling prey to the virus, which has led to lockdown in almost every nation.

After she felt feverish and cold symptoms, she took hold of the situation very bravely. She took charge of the dangerous condition and self-isolated herself from her family members, including her 30-year old husband, Tom Fultz.

She even posted a heart-warming of both of them where they were seen kissing each other through the glass.

They both had got themselves tested, and her husband’s results came early on March 16, and luckily it was negative. However, Klum and all her genuine and caring fans were waiting for her reports, which she informed one of her fans, would come by Thursday. It took time, but it did not disappoint.

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Day 14 of staying H❤️ME #covid_19negative

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Heidi Klum has been tested negative for the dangerous virus. She took to Instagram to share her calm mind and a happy heart through a post. She was seen lying on the green grass and had her eyes closed, expressing her peace of mind.
She captioned the beautiful picture as, “Day 14 of staying home #covid_19negative. [I am] much better, thank you. I just have a bad cold and trying to get over it. Sending love out to everyone!’

We are happy and relieved with the news.

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