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Heated And How! A Serious Conor McGregor Calls For ‘Full Lockdown’ In Ireland

With the global crisis of the pandemic COVID-19 taking over the world at the moment. It is very important to understand the seriousness of the situation. And take proper preventive measures for the safety of the citizens.

Conor McGregor, in a fiery and passionate speech, appealed to the country of Ireland, demanding complete lockdown. Meanwhile, The superstar artist urged for this regarding the protection of the people against the pandemic COVID-19 virus.

So, what did he say?

McGregor straight up said, ‘True Lockdown must begin, and it must begin now!”

Here, listen to the star’s speech:

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Furthermore, The superstar also called out the leaders of the country, even the president. He said that while they are currently debating a full lockdown, any time spent debating is a wastage of valuable time.

As of now, at least 6 people have died from the pandemic virus in Ireland. And more than 1000 people have been tested positive. Conor pointed out the need to hinder this rapidly spreading virus.

The key pointers in his speech

The star gave the example of the other countries that have witnessed success from self-quarantine and self-isolation and urges his citizens to take it seriously. So, He advised everyone to get together and ring the bell themselves.

Alongside, McGregor pleads for the country to shut down everything. From airports to all other non-essential businesses at the moment. Alongside, strict adherence to social distancing and self-quarantine at the moment all around the country.

He urges everyone to stand together at this moment.

We, too, urge everyone out there to understand the graveness of the situation and take proper preventive measures to curb the spread of the virus.

So, let us know what do you think about this. Do you think his speech is valid, and seriousness is the need of the hour?

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