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Disney+  Is Coming Back With Trepidation & Drama Series Hocus Pocus 2. Know About New [PLOT], Current [UPDATES].

Well, the wait is now over, and Disney is renewing its 1993 horror drama TV series Hocus Pocus. The film is a horror-comedy based on the activities of Halloween. Fans were waiting along for this renewal, and finally, Disney is coming with this surprise. The TV series is going to release on Disney+ Channel. And the official release date has not come out yet.

Know More About Release Date & Trailer :

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As all of us know the current scenario of the world. This Global pandemic has created a worst-ever situation. Film industries are down for the last few weeks. As this was the most awaited renewal of the year, but we can’t give any confirm release date now. The series was all set to come to the market in this Halloween 2020. But looking into the current condition, we don’t think the movie will release this year. The film may now come at the beginning of the next year.

As the filming of the series had started recently, no official trailer or teaser has come out yet. We have to wait for quite a long time for the series now.

Current Updates:

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Kenny Ortega is not going to be the director of the upcoming sequel. Adam Shankman will be the director of the series. Along with this, he is now in the pre-production of Disney’s “Enchanted” series. The Director has posted an update on Instagram saying that “ He Is Happy For This Both series. “

Casts That May Appear:

When rumors came about the renewal of the series, then the old actors were too old to appear in the upcoming sequel. But fans were disappointed when the heard the original actors are not returning. So Disney decided to somehow return with the original actors. The Sanderson Sisters will again appear. Bette Midler as Winifred Sanderson, Kathy Najimy as Mary Sanderson, Sarah Jessica Parker as Sarah Sanderson may reprise the characters. Along with this actress, Vanessa will appear in the series.


As in 1993 episodes, we saw Witches would loose, and kids escaped. But there are so many unanswered questions like will Max get over his love? Did Ice and Jay come out of the cages? So the upcoming plots are going to answer these questions now.

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