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Courtney Cox Daughter COCO Sings, Hamilton’s BURN Perfectly

Courtney Cox’s And Daughter Coco Redeemed Their Singing With Hamilton’s BURN Song.


In the morning, Courtney Cox posted a video on her Instagram account, where she was playing the piano with the Burn’s notes, and her daughter Coco Arquette 15, was singing the song Burn by Hamilton. Coco’s singing pitch was excellent, and she was singing so perfectly like a star.

After seeing her sing, we can say that there is not just Courtney, who is talented in the entire family, even her daughter is in line if you are searching for talents.

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In the video, you can see that Courtney is playing the Piano, and Coco is singing on the microphone. Here Vocals were truly impressive. It looks like she could be cast for The Voice someday or even get the chance to sing with Lin-Manuel Miranda.

In the video’s caption, she writes down how embarrassed she and Coco were on the ellen show that they decided to redeem it by singing again on social media.

Comments Mentioned By Other People.

In the comments, everybody said kudos to her talent and praised her for being David Arquette’s and Courtney Cox’s daughter. Many commented, “coco is musically blessed,” “your voice is angelic,” and so on. There were more than 1000 comments after the video was posted. Even Courtney was praised for her piano skills.



Will Coco Be Professional Singer Soon?

This is not the first time Cox shared a post of her and Coco singing even before this she shared a video on Instagram, where she and Coco sang a Demi Lovato song Anyone. Courtney writes in the caption of the post that Coco made a bargain with her that she will sing one song, and then Cox has to let her go out. Cox also says that it’s difficult when your children become teens and don’t stay home for longer. We can also see Coco’s Godmother Jennifer Anniston commenting on the above post.

Whenever asked if Coco wants to be a professional singer, she never confirmed such news, But we hope that she shares more of such videos of Coco.

Someday we would see Coco singing professionally on stage. Lets Hope For The Best!!

Stay Tuned! Toodles!








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