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We Have It All: From What Is Going To Happen In Deadpool Season 3 To Interesting Characterisations.

Deadpool has been one of the most comic and lovable superheroes of MCU. With his special powers and comic timings, he has already stolen the hearts of the MCU fans. However, the 2 movies were not enough for us, and the whole fandom would agree to it.

So, MCU has decided to make a third movie of the Deadpool series, and, hold on; it would be released in 2023, most likely.

Yes, I know the news was both exciting and heartbreaking. But, Disney already has a lot on its plate, and Deadpool has to wait for some time. But we have some news too.

Any trailer?

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Well, as the movie is set to be released in 2023, the shooting has not yet started. Our beloved Ryan Reynolds, aka Deadpool, is seen to be making announcements of the movie. The latest announcement was in Hugh Jackman’s birthday video.

It confirms that the movie is confirmed, and soon the shooting would start. The shooting is most likely to start by 2021, and if everything goes according to the plan, we will meet Deadpool in late 2022.

Who will return to Deadpool 3?

This is one of the most asked questions. Who is going to return, and what would be the story?

Well, Ryan Reynolds is there. But along with him, there are chances that we might get  Hugh Jackman too. Furthermore, some more from the X- Force team like Colossus, Yukio, Cable, and Domino are expected to return also.

Speaking about the plot of the story, nothing has been revealed. However, Ryan Reynolds has stated that “the threequel is looking to go in a completely different direction.” Left you wondering too, right? Even we are wondering about the plot.

Though we can expect Deadpool to go for some time travelling in this part too, to correct his mistakes and career option.

What else can you expect? High comedy, of course, along with some nice action and brilliant dialogue delivery by our badmouthed superhero.

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