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The Boys’ Showrunner Eric Kripke Has A New Look In Store That You Don’t Wanna Miss!

Twitter Post of Eric Kripke.

The Boys New Cast Member Scheduled.

Erik Kripke shared a tweet regarding The Boys’ new looks at Billy Butcher and The Homelander in season 2. The Supernatural creator shared a sneak peek of a few shots on his Twitter account. The characters included Billy Butcher (Karl Urban) and Homelander (Antony Starr).

After the audience was raging due to the curse of Apocalypse Anxiety, he tweeted that there is a cure for that. He advised his reviewers to watch The Boys.

Further, he continued saying, “See the show reviewers call ‘blasphemous’ & ‘a sick work of perversion.’ And I am difficult at work on season 2. Here are a few images!”

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Kripke, on his Twitter account, posted an image that had a close up of two faces. One photo was of the lead actor of Homelander, the leader of The Seven, and Billy Butcher, the leader of The Boys.

Here Are The Updates Of New Cast Member.

 Kripke’s post showcases a piece of brand new information on The Boys sets, where they are going to introduce a superhero character called Stormfront, played by You’re the Worst star Aya Cash. The newest member of the cast.

“She’s the grenade that gets thrown into Homelander’s world and the world of the Seven,” quoted by Antony Starr during an interview with Entertainment Weekly. He also says that she causes him a lot of trouble.

The Boys are the group of the committee who watch over the Superheroes who get corrupted and cause trouble for other superheroes.

The series The Boys is based on the book of Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson. Which was a huge success when it was released last year.

That’s all we can tell you for now. It looks like Amazon series are in high demand. They are serving excellent content series for their audiences. This year there are 3 to 4 series that are releasing their sequel soon. They are waiting for the CoronaVirus to end, and then the post-production would take off more quickly.

Until then, stay home and stay safe. Toodles!!  

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