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Resident Evil Season 1: Cancelled Or Renewed? Everything You Don’t Know Is Here!

The horror, science fiction film series filled with action is based on the Capcom survival horror game. Yes, we are talking about Resident evil. To adapt the game into a movie, the German studio Constantin Films bought the rights in 1997.

According to a report, the streaming giant could get infected with the T-virus as Resident evil TV is coming to the streaming site.

Nothing is announced for the released date yet

Netflix is yet to announce anything on the release date of the series. But fans can expect the series to hit in 2021.

What do we know about the Cast and the Plot 

As of now, there has been no casting done. As any confirmation about the casting by Netflix is awaited.

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Till now, Milla Jovovich has been starred as the lead character “Alice” in all the six Resident Evil movies. There is a slight high chance for Milla Jovovich to join the cast when it gets final. Ali Larter, Spencer Locker, can also join the movie cast list as regulars.

The series is expected to keep the original basic premise, which can also serve as a setup for the movie franchise.

The new world order that is being caused by the outbreak of the T-virus. While the movie project is still at a very early age, the series is expected to include all of the Resident evil’s signature and iconic action sequences. The show is also expected to add ‘easter eggs.’ In the early months of 2020, Netflix shared the plot of the movie series but soon removed it.

According to the description, the movie is set 26 years after the T-virus outbreak. It also talked about unearthing the deep dark secrets of the three behemoths-Umbrella corp, The Decommissioned Greenwood Asylum, and Washington DC. The movie is set in the town named Clearfield.

Is it True!! that Netflix has released a trailer??

There is no official trailer released by Netflix yet. But there sure some interesting fan-made trailer that one can check out on youtube.

The series is still going ahead with its pre-planned schedule with the pre-production phase in April 2020. And the filming to begin in South Africa in June-October 2020.

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