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Fan Theories Of Locke And Key Season 2 Debunked And How?.

The season one ended with a big cliffhanger, and it also left with a lot of things up in the air. The series got a good amount of viewers when they first released their season. The fans of the series are expecting a lot from their upcoming season. Below are some theories and the basic information of the first and second season of the series.

Season One Ending Explained

As for the first season itself, the first entry centered on the Locke family returning to their ancestral home. They also discovered a secret from their family. In the home, there were several magical keys which granted some special abilities, and because of this, they were highly sought.

The youngest of them was Bode, he ended up freeing a demon named Dodge, and she or he is depending on the antagonist of the family.

It was a great narrative; season one ended with a massive cliffhanger. And it also being revealed that Dodge had been masquerading as Gabe. They also believed that they had successfully defeated Dodge, but then it turned out that they had dumped Ellie into the Plain of Leng. It came left field, and it also left many fan people, with their jaw on the floor.

The Graphic Novel Story

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In the storyline after the events, early on that pretty much focused on the discovery of key house and also the return of Sam, Dodges enters high school. He enters high-school that even disguised as a student. He gains Sam and Gabe’s trust and similar to the group from 88. Then they decide to divide them up with Dodge trying to recover the Omega key.

Dodge eventually discovers with his cover, he possesses Bode, and then he focuses his spirit out of his current student-like body. As a young boy, he could have walked around the house freely and also get the keys.

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