Evangeline Lilly’s Controversial Take On Coronavirus Might Cost Her Appearance In ‘Ant-Man 3’


MCU Star Evangeline Lilly Is Facing Lots of Controversies Regarding Her Current COVID-19 Comments.

Over the past few days, the actor is facing a massive outbreak regarding her typical COVID-19 comments. She plays the character.  Hope Van Dayne, in The AntMan series of MCU. On social media. She wrote that she is not going to practice social distancing as she keeps her freedom above everything. After she posted the news the media went nuts and many people tried to troll. Including Hollywood actors down the line. Irony can restrict her from screening on the next series of The Antman and The Wasp 3.

We Got This Covered magazine heard it from its sources. That the studio is very unhappy with Lilly’s behavior and more importantly the social media storm that she created. Many have called the MCU studios to remove her from the next movie and mostly she thinks that COVID-19 is a Hoax.

From our source’s information, we understand that the MCU is thinking of letting Lilly go as she has completed with her contract. In the future, it seems that her role in Antman and the Wasp her role will be reduced.

Which might lead to a breakdown for her in Hollywood. We all are aware that MCU pays heinous attention to Twitter comments, for example, the temporary removal of James Gunn, from the Guardians of Galaxy.

The Antman3 will end The Wasp’s role pretty organically. In Avengers: Endgame aged up Scott Lang’s daughter, where she takes up her dad and become threequel. Emma Fuhrmann could easily become Paul Rudd’s new partner in crime infighting instead of Lilly.

Gunn’s was rehired by MCU which made a 180-degree turn. So maybe Lilly can do a comeback in Marvel Universe. If she states on social media and apologizes for her attitude then maybe it might save her drowning career. If that doesn’t happen The Wasp’s fans must be prepared for less content of the character on the silver screen for The Antman 3.


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