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Will Corona Let Handmaids Tale Season 4 Make Way To Viewers Heart?

Corona has made many production offices and production works of many television and movie industries to shut down. So adding to the list one such series that is delaying its production is Handmaid.

What to expect in the fourth season :

The season ends with transporting 50 children to Gilead. The Handmaid was shot and left disabled. Then got trapped herself in Gilead in the process. But being the main lead of the series, we can surely expect her to come back in the next season in great shape.

The Showrunner Bruce Miller said that the fans are going to watch more of the Canadian side in the upcoming season. In this season, we can see the realization of Luke and Moira that the plan of children escape was planned, framed, and executed by June.

There’s also a nail in the coffin regarding the Waterfords, who are expected to go court in Canada to be held accountable under the Gilead law system of Acts. In this season, we can expect Nick to get more limelight.

Series of delays concerning the fans :

Firstly the lead actress Elizabeth Moss has cleared out regarding the suspension of Season 4 backing their writer’s club, saying that they are not sitting idle but thinking of the best way to take this story to another level to cheer all the fans up.

But now it seems to be much worse. As when the work on paper is done, and it is about to be done on locations, the dangerous outburst of the corona has made the team to stop the production. Elizabeth Moss, who is debuting as a producer for this season, has said that concerning the safety of the team they have decided to take this step.

As the comfort and health of cast is more important than anything, Moss has said that they have taken this step. She concluded, meaning that they will be back to presume their production work only when the condition with COVID-19 is safe. So Handmaid has joined the series like Fargo, Circe, Survivor, and many more who have stopped the production. So as expected, it unlikely for the fans to see the fourth season of Handmaid this year. Fans can keep fingers crossed and hope for some quick resume at work.

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