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The Order Season 2: Here’s Every Latest Buzz And IMPORTANT Update About This Horror Drama

The order is a series that revolves around the story of a college student, Jack, who joins a secret warrant to learn the black magic to avenge his mother’s death. In this process, he stuck in a war between the dark practitioners and werewolves.

Season 2 will take off from :

In the final episode of season 2, it can be seen that Edward tries to use the Vade Marcum. But as the trick involves Golem, the black magic got reverse, and in turn, it takes the life of Edward himself. Then after his sad demise, Jack decides to stay in the Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose despite being a member of the werewolf group and the order’s rivals.

The Knights. In the end, Katharine’s Vera shows as if she believes him, and all of a sudden, she gives orders for Alyssa to blow white powder on Jack and werewolves faces who forgot what has happened. In season 2, viewers can see Jack struggling with his memory to know of his actual identity and the reason behind his grandfather’s death.

Casting and Release dates :

As per reports, the series has been shot from August 6 of 2019 and wrapped up the things by November 7 of 2019 in Vancouver, Canada. So all have expected the series to hit the Netflix by March 2020. But it is likely to take time. So fans must wait for the official update from the team.

Coming to the casting details, Jake Manley, Sarah Grey, Jacobs, Thomas Elms, Louriza Tronco, Katharine Isabelle, Adam DiMarco, Devery are all set to reprise back in season 2. At the same time, there are even new additions like Kyle Stratus in the role of a werewolf, Grace Dove as Ellie Taylor and Olesia Shewchuk as a ballet teacher to lit the season more.

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