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Game of Thrones Show Runners David Benioff And Dan Weiss’ Crossover To The ‘Westworld’

It’s Happening!!! David Benioff And D.B Weiss Made Their Debut In Westworld.

Yes, you heard it right! Game of Thrones executive producers have made their debut in Westworld’s Season 3 Episode 2. The Sunday night’s episode on HBO Bernard[Jeffery Wright] and Stubbs[Luke Hemsworth] louse back to the tech park’s passageway to find out how Maeve disappeared. But instead, they found out that none other than Drogon the famous fire animal also called by the name Juggernaut of HBO, was found to be the attraction of the park’s Medieval world. Not only did they see the Drogon, but also figured out that the executive producers of ‘Game Of Thrones’ David Benioff and D.B Weiss were working as technicians, who tried figuring out how can they bring the Drogon to Costa Rica.


So the Westworld’s creators tried to explain the Variety magazine in their office on the 27th of February, that the couple has known David and D.B since they shot their first season of Westworld. Even the Author of GOT George. R. R. Martin was involved in this meeting.

They reported The Variety Magazine in the Interview as follows:

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Jonathan Nolan: They have been the nicest guys to us from the start. When we started our first season for Westworld we were struggling as to how it will work out? But they were so welcoming and kind to us that we never felt competitive and became friends immediately and still are!

Lisa Joy: We tried paying off by creating friendly jokes.

Jonathan Nolan: We are also friends with George and ever since our first meeting he has kept saying that we should do a crossover together. Those who George he was a TV writer and occasionally there is crossover in TV shows that make fans go f…..k crazy.

Wait! Whatttt??? George Martin asked for a crossover with Westworld. Isn’t that crazy?

Jonathan Nolan: Beyond A Doubt!

Lisa Joy: In the ‘GOT’ world or something!

 To be clear you guys won’t create ‘Game of Thrones’ world in the Westworld series to create speculations?

Nolan: [laughs] That’s totally upon the speculations. But we cannot!


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