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Here’s A Compilation Of Hilarious Scenes From The House Of Tom And Jerry.

We all know about the classic Tom and Jerry series. The animated duo has continued to entertain generations and are still loved. Honestly, if the creators even decide to have a small episode of Tom and Jerry, people would watch it.

Everyone has their childhood connected with Tom and Jerry in some way or another. Both kids and adults loved the love-hate relationship between Tom and Jerry.

However, all good things last only for a while, and so did Tom and Jerry. Willaim Hannah stopped creating more episodes, and slowly Tom and Jerry disappeared.

However, here we are providing you with some glimpses of our favorite episodes from Tom and Jerry. No, doubt every episode of the animated series was epic, but here are some with which we can relate to.

Tom and Jerry kids edition

Okay, we were not able to select any single one from the kids’ version of Tom and Jerry. How could we? Both Tom and Jerry were so cute in this specific show and loved them a lot.

Here’s A Compilation Of Hilarious Scenes From The House Of Tom And Jerry.

Remember that cap and bow tie, Tom and Jerry used to wear in this show? They were so adorable. Every episode had some nice twists and turns with super comic timings. To give you nostalgia, here is the introduction song of the show. Listen to it and enjoy it.

Jerry’s cousin Tuffy

Who can forget the cute and adorable Tuffy! The cute grey mouse, who was Jerry’s cousin. The episodes with Tuffy were so adorable, and so was his voice. The way Tuffy used to speak and Jerry treated him as a baby.

Here’s A Compilation Of Hilarious Scenes From The House Of Tom And Jerry.

Our sweetheart Tuffy in his diaper, acting all cute and sweet, takes our heart all the time. Here is the compilation of the episodes where Tuffy made an appearance.

One of the best episodes with Tuffy was the one where Tom was the guard of the king and was kept to make sure no noise is there when the king sleeps.

Tom and Jerry with the duckling

The episode of The Ugly Duckling was indeed one of our favorites.

Here’s A Compilation Of Hilarious Scenes From The House Of Tom And Jerry.

The sweet little duckling with low self-esteem, who wanted to die, and Jerry was helping him out. That episode was so cute, and it even taught us a lot of things. You are beautiful, no matter what shape, size or color you are, you are beautiful and you are loved. In the end, the duckling got a partner who loved him a lot and found him beautiful.

The happy ending had us in smiles!!

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