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Angela Merkel Practices Self-Isolation After Her Physician Tests COVID-19 Positive

German Chancellor Angela Merkin puts herself in quarantine upon learning that her doctor, from whom she took precautionary anti-virus shots, has been tested positive for Coronavirus.

The 65-year-old Chancellor was informed of her doctor’s reports right after holding a press conference, warning people about the precariousness of the situation globally. Her spokesman Steffen Seibert said that she had taken vaccines on Friday against pneumococcal infections.

COVID-19 And Its Effects

According to health experts, the Novel Coronavirus has varied effects on people,  depending upon their immunities. For example, people with strong immunological levels are capable of battling the virus more effectively and recovering sooner. However, old and aged people who automatically have immunodeficiencies can be affected more seriously by the virus and take longer to recover. Of the many affected, 93,800 people have recovered mostly in China.

Although it is not yet affirmative whether she has been infected. Seibert told media that Merkel would have followed up tests done while working from home, to monitor her progress and any possible infections.

Merkel Expressed Her Gratitude To Citizens

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Merkel addressed the citizens of Germany, thanking them for following the precautionary measures. Suggested by WHO and other health experts dealing with the global epidemic and socially distancing themselves. She noted the importance of maintaining considerable distance(five feet) from people, especially those showing symptoms of infection.

She told the people of Germany, keeping in mind the imminent economic crisis, that she is “..moved by the fact that so many are abiding by these rules. This way, we show care for older and sick people, because the virus is most dangerous to them. In short: we are saving lives with this.”

She also mentioned that her life too, had changed fundamentally and that she has to bring changes personally as well. This incident explains that even world leaders are not immune to such infections.

Seconds later, on concluding her address, she was informed of her doctor’s positive test results, leading to her self quarantine.

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