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50 Cent’s Girlfriend Hacks His Instagram Account

50 Cent is a jokester, always trolling celebrities and making fun of them. It’s only fair that he gets a taste of his own medicine.

A few days ago, looks like his girlfriend hacked 50 Cent! Cuban Link made her way to 50’s account; he has well over 25 million followers! Initially, The rapper was not happy about the way things turned out to be, but he is a witty person. He was a good sport; it seems like he loves his current partner. It’s very wholesome.

What did ‘Cuban Link post?

However, Cuban Link didn’t send anything controversial or malicious. It was just her pictures, 50’s fans were quite amused. They thought the rapper posted the images of his partner.

Cuban Link, However, isn’t 50 Cent’s girlfriend’s actual name, it’s Jamaica Haines. She is both an aspiring lawyer and a fitness instructor.

After a few posts, fans were suspicious about the activity on their feed. People were quick to assume that 50’s account was hacked.

The post is now deleted, But @theshaderoom posted a screenshot of the post. 50 jokingly replies, “Playing with my phone, she gotta go! Now what the f*** would make this girl do some s*** like this.”

Eventually, 50 Cent came put and clarified that there is no bad blood between the couple. Nothing malicious had happened between them, its all fun and games.

50 has been in quite a few controversies and serious lawsuits and feuds with many people. It’s good to see him enjoying and having a good time with his girlfriend.

Both make an adorable couple and are hilarious together. Hopefully, we get more content like this because we love it!

see this funny-cute video the rapper posted on his Instagram:

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