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Selena Gomez To Takes Up The Safe Hands Challenge Nominating Cardi B And Others

With the pandemic COVID-19 outbreak, everyone is advised to stay indoors. The practice of self-isolation and self-quarantine is being promoted all over. Through social media platforms, fans can see how their beloved stars are dealing with this situation. While a lot of actors are sharing their quarantine life, some are taking up ‘The Safe Hands Challenge.’ The Safe Hands challenge is about washing your hands for 20 seconds to prevent the contagious COVID-19.

The latest celebrity to take up this viral challenge is Selena Gomez.

The video shared by the Star

Selena shared a video on her Instagram, taking the fun and didactic challenge. While filming, the singer also added a little chit-chat with her fans. The pop star sported a bubble gum pink oversized sweatshirt along with red lips and red nail paint.

Gomez also nominated her friends to take up the challenge. She asked Gigi Hadid, Cardi B and, Olivia Wilde to participate in the viral challenge.

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Gomez’s Instagram caption to the video thanked @ariannahuff for nominating her. She shared that she had to shoot the video over and over to get the perfect video. She also urged her fans to stay safe and indoors.

Here’s the video put by Selena Gomez:

Other celebrities who have taken up The Safe Hands challenge

Bollywood Actresses Anushka Sharma and Deepika Padukone also took up the safe hands challenge. They shared videos on their Instagram handles while urging their fans to practice the routine daily and stay safe.

However, All the celebrities across the globe are urging their fans to stay safe and stay indoors.

Let us know if you have taken up ‘The Safe hands Challenge’ yet. If not, then take it up now and nominate your friends too.  We also urge everyone to stay safe and practice self-isolation.

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