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Raging Rumor Indicates ‘Star Trek: Discovery’s Season 3 Undergoes Reshoot To Create Series Finale!

Star Trek: Discovery Season 3, according to a new rumor, underwent reshoots to replace a cliffhanger ending for the finale. YouTube channel Midnight’s Edge is the birthplace of this particular rumor which left the internet in splits. Midnight’s Edge details that the reshoot was allegedly to remove the Season 4. They were trying to replace the original cliffhanger ending with the season finale for this particular reason.

The current plan is to reveal that the season is ending in the continuation of these rumors. They have been claiming that this series was always meant to be of three seasons only. However, this is blatantly false because the series has not reached the end of its run. Stay tuned to find out more details of rumors that have left all the fans desperate for some real news!

The Rumor by Midnight Edge 

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For years to come, at Pinewood Toronto, Secret Hideout had leased all of the sound stages. This is what the source had told Midnight Edge. The further addition to these rumors was that these leases had been transferred to different projects. As the production was wrapped on the reshoots, the sets of Discovery were dismantled.

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Midnight’s fire also indicated that the third season is a “dumpster fire” on top of a changed ending. The marketing department has seen early cuts, and their response was quite peculiar. They asked if it had happened before the reshoots. There were also rumors that season 1 and season 2 will be retroactively made better by season 3.

Season 3 a dumpster fire

Many said that the latest season would be a dumpster fire, which will be an insult to real dumpster fires. This is because a real dumpster fire can at least burn all of the trash and get rid of it. If these rumors are not true, then the latest season will hopefully be a treat!

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