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No Dance-off Between Thor vs. Star-Lord, Confirms James Gunn In Guardians Of The Galaxy 3

Marvel is known to provide ample entertainment to the viewers with its solo heroes and even surprise them with surprise collaborations in between. One such duo comic that clicked a lot is the Thor and Star-Lord interaction in the Avengers Infinity War and the End game.

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About the duo from James Gunn :

James Gunn, who has been a lot busy with the Suicide Squad, has finished it’s production. So now he is all set to think about the Guardians of the galaxy third part. As Thor leaves with the guardians in the space ship by the end, many speculate of his return in Guardians of the galaxy 3. While many fans were thinking of the Thor and star lord meet-up in the third installment of the guardians of the universe, all were excited up and always asking in the social media. After a while, James Gunn has broken the silence and reacted to the fans’ anxiety, saying that there is not going be any Thor in the third part of guardians of the galaxy. He said that it is not going to happen. So fans were a lot upset with this statement from James Gunn.

Release of Thor: Love And Thunder :

Even Chris Pratt, who plays the star lord, has reacted to the inclusion of Thor, saying that he was not going to be a part of the third installment of Guardians of Galaxy. With the release of Thor: Love and Thunders even before the Guardians of the Galaxy three, the inclusion of Thor is narrowing down for the fans. But we still don’t know what surprises are James Gunn are waiting for the duo mix-up. But if they are going to meet up, it is going to be a big bang for the audiences out there.

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