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Newly Wed Couple Justin Bieber And Hailey Baldwin In Honeymoon Spirit Amidst Pandemic

Justin Bieber and his wife, Hailie Rhode Bieber, have taken to the quarantine caused by the novel coronavirus in a somewhat peculiar way. The couple has decided to spend the quarantine away from their home in the states to Canada, the singer’s hometown.

Much Needed Getaway:

All the celebrities have stated the importance of the quarantine in place. And most of them are spending it with their family. Stars often have to manage work and family negatively. Especially models who are frequently away from home and their loved ones. So it comes as no surprise that they’re happy to be home for a while.

However, Justin and Hailie’s decision to stay in Canada was influenced by Justin Trudeau(Canadian Prime Minister) and Donald Trump(President of the United States of America). He was announcing that they would be temporarily shutting down the US-Canada border to all nonessential travel.

Turning new pages and exploring talents:

Although, in an uncomfortable and unusual place. The couple has started their happiness in being together in Justin’s hometown and that they feel safe in Canada. The couple seems to be having fun as they have been posting content on social media TikTok.

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Moreover, a source quoted the couple’s feelings: “Justin feels blessed for several reasons right now, but it helps that he and Hailie were able to make it to Canada before the border closed because that’s his home and where he feels safest with Hailie during this pandemic”.

All in all, the couple seems to be making the best of out a bad situation and spending some quality time together with each other. Their love is not lost as Justin exclaimed Hailie to be the “love of his life.” And he shared a sweet video of them sharing a kiss.


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