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Here’s A Look Book Of Your Favorite Charachters From ‘The Last Kingdom’ Season 4

The Last Kingdom may be a television program about the Viking invasion of England. It is adapted from author Bernard Cornwell’s book series The Saxon Stories. As a show with Vikings, epic sword fights, and English history. It should be successful, given the massive demand for all of these. Unfortunately, the series can seem a lackluster compared to another notable medieval epic on TV. It is failing to try to do justice to Cornwell’s excellent books.

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The Reason Behind This,

One reason for the show’s underperformance is that the limited budget. Which has resulted in laughably bad depictions of medieval life at the time? Of course, tons were also changed from the source material. Weakening the story to form it fit TV audiences, while a number of the characters are unrecognizable. Here is how The Last Kingdom’s characters are alleged to look.

Uhtred Of Bebbanberg

Uhtred of Bebbanberg (aka Uhtred Uhtredsson and Uhtred Ragnarsson) is that the protagonist of The Last Kingdom. Within the show, he’s played by German-born actor Alexander Dreymon, a handsome and talented lead whose attractiveness are kept with Uhtred’s womanizing.

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With him being the first-person narrator, Uhtred doesn’t’ really describe himself. That and ninth-century England did not have an abundance of mirrors. However, one thing is different: Uhtred is blonde within the book. Also, few of his outfits resemble the ahistorical leather-and-fur costumes Dreymon is forced to wear.

The Character – Guthrum

The main feature which makes Guthrum distinct within the books is that the bone in his hair, one among his mother’s ribs. It is a dark and foreboding visual trait that, sadly, isn’t carried over to the series.

In the show, the bone Guthrum has in his hair looks far too small to be an adult human’s rib and seems almost like an out-of-the-way afterthought. For all we all know, it had been just a few cat’s bones he stuck in there.

Odda, The Elder

In the show, Odda may be a Wessex nobleman who commands respect and is depicted as a stoic leader. He’s also reasonably good-looking for his age despite going bald.

Contrast this with the books, where he’s grey-haired and described as being a minimum of forty years old (though probably older) with a face entirely marred by boils. Hygiene for the elderly during this period wasn’t the best.


The detail most often noted about Kjartan within the novel is how the J in his name is pronounced sort of a Y. the sole physical description is given to him therein book to watch he wears many arm-rings thanks to his exploits as a warrior.

While the way the hair and beard are tied within the show makes him recognizable, his arms bear no rings when he goes to satisfy Ragnar at his home. He also wears leather vambraces and what seems like Roman armor during the hall burning.

Uhtred, The Elder

Uhtred the Elder is that the father of the most character and, therefore, the Earl of Bebbanburg. He’s a fierce, warlike man, who only gets described in great detail once, and even then, most of the small print about him regard his clothes, weapons, and armor.

The only physical features he seems to possess are fair hair and a greying beard–neither of which are a part of his character within the show.

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