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Can Justice League 2 Make Way To Viewers Heart Without Batman And Superman?

Justice League, released in 2017, was a complete disaster. DC has revived from that disaster by solo successes like Wonder Woman and Aquaman. So as of now, DC is not thinking of the sequel of the Justice League. It is just focusing more on telling the stories of solo heroes now.

Batman and Superman were almost gone now :

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In recent times there were huge talks that DC has ousted Batman and Superman after their lousy run in their movies. Ben Affleck has stepped down from the character when Henry Cavill is hoping to do as many superman movies as possible if DC gives him. With such things, the sequel of the Justice League seems to be so far. Even though if the plans take the place of doing a sequel for the Justice League, fans must get ready mentally that they are not going to see Batman and Superman in the sequel.

Justice League without Batman and Superman :

The leadership would be taken in the hands of Wonder Woman as she is capable of that. While thinking of the replacement for Batman, all must think of a proper superhero. Then undoubtedly, the hero who gets into the mind is Arrow. He is also a multi-dollar billionaire who relies on gadgets to fight with the enemies. Though he could not bring back the naive of the Robin Hood thing and the motivational vibe that Batman brings in.

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While coming to Superman, it is tough to think of a replacement. But two people strike off. One is a green Lantern. He is similar to the superman who lost his planet and people. He solely gives his best to save the planet Earth from the villains. While the other superhero is Martian Manhunter, he is a beast. He is an alien who has got anger management issues. He is more like a human with his attitude. His anger could be a perfect blend with that Wonder Woman’s Vigilance to attack the villains.

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