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Want To Hide Bad Decisions With Concealer? Lets Learn It From Rihanna In 10 Minutes.

The sensational singer Robyn Rihanna Fenty was named as the wealthiest musician earlier this year. A major part of her wealth comes from her makeup line called Fenty Beauty. The makeup line launched in the market as the most inclusive makeup brand with 50 shades of foundation for everyone. She is not just the richest musician, she is also the in the Top 11 Richest Self Made Women in the world.

Rihana’s 10 Minutes Makeup Tutorial 

She collaborated with a Vogue to create a 10-minute makeup tutorial. The video is a quick tutorial for everyone who is in a rush and doesn’t want to spend too much time getting ready.

Step 1 Foundation

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As per the video, she starts with the foundation. She used a Fenty beauty foundation and a beauty blender.  She took a little foundation on her hand and the dabbed it all over her face with a beauty blender.

Step 2 Contour 

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She used the Fenty beauty contour stick to contour her face. She said that “one should contour their face for their face and not how they see on youtube. Because everybody has a different face shape.” She added that the has a “huge forehead” and thats why she likes to control it a little deeper. She then used a brush to blend the contour.

She said that she learned to contour when she gained weight. She jokingly said that “contour comes in really handy”.

Step 3 Concealer 

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After contouring, she moved ahead to concealer. She first “warmed up” the concealer on her hand by rubbing it on the back. And then she applied a single swatch under the eyes and blended the concealer with a small beauty sponge. She used the Fenty Beauty Concealer stick.

Step 4 Makeup Powder 

She then used a makeup powder to set her face. She said that she keeps the powder always in her purse and in case it doesn’t fit, then she changes her purse.

Step 5 Bronzer 

After the compact/ makeup powder, she put on bronzer and blended it with a brush. She used the bronzer in all the areas where she had contoured.

Step 6 Eyes, Lips & Body Glitter

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She did her brows too but didn’t show how. After all being done and set, she moved to her eyes. She used the same bronzer to start with the eyelids. She said that this has brought some life to her eyes. She said that no matter who the makeup artist is, there will be something that you like it your way and no one can do it better than you.

She said she is very conscious about the way she does her brows and her nose contour. She then moved to some “eyelid drama’. She used the Fenty Beauty Beach Please Pallette. She used the pink eyeshadow because it represent sunsets. She then used blush and a highlighter with multiple layers to make it look cleaner. She ended her makeup with Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb and body glitter.


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