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‘Lost’ Superstar Daniel Dae Kim Caught The Pandemic COVID-19

With the rapid announcements made by celebrities of them testing positive for COVID-19, there is an addition to the list. Lost and Hawaii Five-0 star Daniel Kim tested positive for Coronavirus. The actor confirmed the news through an Instagram video he posted, where he talked about his diagnosis and the visible symptoms before his testing positive to the pandemic virus.

What was the star’s video all about?

The star posted on Instagram that he expects to make a recovery soon and wanted to help his fans by sharing his experience. He also wished for his fans’ well being. In the video, Daniel explained how, ironically, he was in New York shooting an arc on New Amsterdam.

And how his character is a doctor who is recruited to help patients during a flu pandemic situation.  Due to the outbreak of Coronavirus, the production was shut down. Kim then flew to Hawaii to be with his family but started to feel scratchy throat on his way back.

He clarified his anonymity to him having the virus due to his being asymptomatic to the point. The star also apologized if he had unknowingly spread the virus to others. He wasn’t diagnosed until he reached his home.

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He has been quarantined separately from his family. Kim used his video to urge his fans to take precautions to prevent the spread of the contagious virus.

His family, however, tested negative. It could be because of Kim practicing self-isolation for the moment.

Other Stars who have been tested positive for COVID-19

Kim is the latest addition to the list of celebrities announcing themselves as having being affected by COVID-19. Other celebrities who have been tested positive for Coronavirus include actors Tom Hanks, Idris Elba and numerous athletes including Kevin Durant.


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