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How Truth Is The News Of Tom Hardy Returning As The Villian Of The ‘Venom’ S2?

Sony’s Venom made news when it turned out as a very unexpected box office success. The Spider-Man spin off which stars Tom Hardy made a lot more money than you think. In fact, even more than films like Deadpool 3 and Guardians of the Galaxy. Besides, the news of a sequel didn’t shock anyone and fans were thrilled. However, an array of rumours had already spread even before Sony confirmed the sequel.

Venom 2 will release in theatres in 2020

Venom’s cast members were always positive about a second film as well. In fact, they started taking about it even before the first film had released. And the first film definitely didn’t disappoint. Director Andy Serkis refers  to the sequel as an “extraordinary piece of cinema”. However, he didn’t really give out any details about the plot. Besides, Serkis says that they have some clear idea which they want to see visually and take the characters to a different dimension. One thing seems sure, the sequel will deeply focus on the relationship between Eddie and Venom.

Producer Matt Tolmach also said that the heart of Venom is the relationship between the two characters. “….these two sides that had to figure out how to live together and that were somehow better together than they were separately, or more successful, and what that meant,” he said in an interview. Besides, we will see carnage appear at the end of the movie. However, that still doesn’t mean the movie’s rated R.

The sequel will finally introduce Carnage

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Of course, Tom Hardly will return to play Eddie Brock and his iconic alter ego, Venom. Back in June 2019, Pascal confirmed that Tom Hardy will once again play the role like no one else can. Besides, many a times, actors have to sign multi-film contracts nowadays. Moreover, we cannot think of anyone else except Tom Hardy playing Venom and doing justice to the role. Pascal also added that we’ll never get to imagine anyone else except Hardy sit in a bathtub full of lobsters.

Michelle Williams will once again play Eddie Brock’s ex-wife Anne Weying and the She-Venom. Let’s just hope she gets enough screen time and recognition in the sequel. Moreover, Naomi Harris might play the villain Shriek. Also, Stephen Graham will feature in the film as well. However, we don’t know his role yet.

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