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How ‘Lost In Space’ Are You With Season 3?

Lost in Space is one of the most-watched sci-fi thrillers on Netflix. The series is mainly a rip in the space-time forces the Robinsons and family of space colonists, to crash on an unknown planet. Now they must battle an alien environment and get back to their planet safely.

New additional castings :

The new cast that is going to return in season 2 is Ben Adler played by JJ Feild who was the senior crew member on board the Resolute. He has an intense relationship with an alien robot called scarecrow. Hastings played by Douglas Hodge is another senior crew member with knowledge of the Resolute’s true inner feelings. Captain Kamal played by Sakina Jaffrey is the captain of Resolute.

Kamal is for the safety of the ship above all else. Samantha played by Nevis Union who is a little girl is left to fend herself after the Resolute is evacuated. Ava played by Tattiawna is the head of the Resolute’s Mechanical engineering team and an old friend of Don’s. Jones.

Mr Jackson played by Rob Labelle is non-other than a teacher at Resolute’s school who gets into a dangerous predicament. Such immense new additions even ensure that many new characters can be added for the season 3 as well.

Happy and sad news :

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On March 10 of 2020, the fans were a lot happy as Lost in Space have announced officially on their handle that they have renewed for another season. But this happiness was added with sadness as they have released another cracker that this season is going to be the finale for the series.

Release updates of season 3 :

The first season of Lost in Space was released in Netflix on April 2018 while it took 20 months to release the second season on December 2019. So they are likely going to release third season taking 20 months after the second season release.

So by all this, the makers have estimated the release of the third instalment of this series is going to be in 2021. The exact date is not released by the team yet.

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