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‘Euphoria’ Shuts Down Production Amid Coronavirus, Fans Worry.

Season 2 On A Halt:

As we all know, these days, the dread and threat of the deadly virus that is termed as Corona is reaching heights. You all should know that not only a particular industry instead all the industries and firms have decided to keep the daily activities on a halt.

But when it comes to a show, series or a film it is disheartening as we all eagerly wait for an ample period to watch our favourite and it is very saddening to know and to announce that Euphoria that is showcased on the channel HBO has been given a halt with regards to the production of season two of the same.

Sometimes it becomes sorrowful to digest the news as such. Still, yes, since the outbreak of the virus has caused real damage to many sectors, we got no other option than to abide by the respective production house with their decision to give a pause to the production of the same.

It is also be noted that the shoot of the second season of the same started its production last week.  Only wherein the stars of the respective show came forward to share the first photos from the set. It was stating that they were excited about the same. Warner Media Entertainment has announced the declaration of suspension. That is the owner of the channels such as HBO, HBO MAX, TNT, TBS, and Tru TV.

Other Shows That Have Stopped Production:

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There are many other shows, including Euphoria Season 2, who have announced the suspension of the production of the respective shows. Some of them are The Righteous Gemstones, the Flight attendant, and Snowpiercer, as stated by Deadline. Little could be said about when precisely these production houses would resume the process since there is no information on when and how this virus would lessen the problem

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