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Clear Your Ears: Here’s What Ben Affleck Has To Say About ‘Justice League’ S2

Ben Affleck recently opened up about all the rumours going around. Besides, we’ve all heard of Him letting go of Batman, but is that the truth? Moreover, he also spoke out on his experience with DC as well as his decision of moving out of the universe. Since the first time Affleck stepped foot in DC, he worked with Zack Snyder directing to movie. The same thing went around with Justice League as well.

However due to some problems, very much personal in the director’s life, things didn’t turn out very smoothly. Ben now compares both his experiences of filming the two different movies. Besides, he reveals he had a better time and fun filming the former movie.

Affleck lost interest while filming Justice League

The 2017 superhero movie, Justice League turned out as an average success for the DC extended universe. Furthermore, the film brings together many different superhero’s all together. The cast included Ben Affleck as Batman, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, Jason Momoa as Aquaman and Henry Cavill as Superman. Along with Ray Fisher as the Cyborg. Basically the movie had meant to be the DC parallel for Marvel’s Avengers.

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The film had supposedly been touched by a really personal tragedy. Moreover, Synder’s daughter had passed away which resulted in him leaving his position of director. Affleck also opened up about his thoughts as to why the movie didn’t do as well at the box office than it should have. According to him, the two different directors didn’t get a chance to co-ordinate which in turn affected the film overall.

Affleck has now made the ultimate decision to leave DC. Furthermore, at first, the superhero genre really thrilled him in his first movie. However, sometime during filming Justice League, he didn’t find it as interesting anymore and lost the will the continue. Besides, Affleck reveals he doesn’t feel as excited or thrilled about it anymore and feels that’s enough to move on to something new. He says that someone who’s actually interested and dedicated should play the role.

We might not get a sequel for the film

Besides, we were supposed to get a sequel to Justice League last year in June. However, no news of filming or any announcements came into light. Some sources say that the movie will release in 2022. However, as there’s no news of production after directors don’t seem very keen on a sequel, we can not tell if Justice League 2 will actually release. Moreover, the departure of Ben Affleck might also affect any decisions.

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