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Big Ed Offends Fiancé Rosemarie, Asking Her To Take STD Test

In the last Sunday night episode of 90 Day fiancé, the show’s star Big Ed asked Rose to take an STD test. The star said that he wants to know himself if he can trust her.
Big Ed got to know Rose via Facebook when he sent her a friend request, and they hit it off.

Not later, Ed flew to the Philippines to propose to Rose.

Ed tried asking her about her past but couldn’t get anything out of her. After trying several times, Ed decided to put anything in the past, asking Rose for an STD test.
Rose replied to his demand and said that she feels offended.


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The Genuine Convo

As the episode is telecasted on Sunday, viewers, and the public got to know what happened between the couple.
The 54-year-old asked his 23-year-old Filipino girlfriend to take an STD test as a favor. He wanted her to get tested before the wedding as he knows nothing about her past.

His exact words were cited as “It’s been a test for um, for um — I don’t know if you understand. It’s’s STD, which is, I think it’s been a blood test and they just test to see, um, if you have, um, sexually transmitted disease.”

He also assured Rose that he won’t ask any other questions after the test. Rose immediately showed her emotions by saying that she feels upset.

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Other Factors Affecting The Relationship.

Apart from the STD situation, Ed described her relationship with Rose in a loving manner. He said that She (Rose) had beautiful eyes. He added her as a friend and started chatting.
He also told, “she used to make her video messages, and he thought it was cute.” He also said that there is a 31-year-old age difference between them. Rose never seemed to have any issue with the age difference though

Ed said that his biggest criticizer is his daughter, Tiffany, and his mom. His daughter is 6 years older than Rose, which makes it hard for her.

But he reconciled with her while he was leaving for the Philippines. He said he felt happy with their conversation.

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