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Ben Affleck And Ana De Armas Are OFFICIALLY Dating, We Have Proof!

The Deep Water co-stars haven’t made an official announcement confirming their relationship as of now. But we have gathered the hints and are pretty sure they are dating even if they aren’t able to share a lot of pictures. This could be mostly because of social distancing.

Here’s how we know about it.

Despite any concrete facts available, we have speculated it because of the recent comment spotted by the fans. Ben Affleck recently commented on a picture the ‘Knives Out’ star uploaded of herself on social media. Affleck said, asking for the picture credits, and the fans can’t keep calm.

Both were vacationing together in Costa Rica. They were strolling along the beach, and Affleck clicked some pictures of Armas. Fans couldn’t stop themselves from gushing over the paparazzi pictures of the stars.

Are the rumors surrounding them true?

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Critics have commented that apart from the first profile photo, other pictures were not so Instagram worthy. However, Armas uploaded them, and the ‘gone girl’ star asked for the picture credits. And fans are going gaga over this.

A few days back, the couple was also spotted by the paparazzi shopping at a store in Cuba. Both were hanging together, side by side, at Ana’s hometown.

Even if both haven’t made any official announcements, the comments and posts uploaded on media handles say a lot. With everything happening on social media nowadays, a comment on a post says a lot.

We hope that the couple takes it a notch higher and surprise their fans with an official announcement, maybe through a live stream as it is trending in today’s times. We are sure the fans are waiting for the stars to break out this news to them.

What do you think about these rumors? Let us know.

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