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Amid Corona Delaying The Filming, ‘The Society’ S2 Trailer Gets LEAKED!!

Netflix’s teen drama TV show is going to arrive with its season 2. In season one, we saw some supernatural events as we saw the group of high school guys went on a trip to the field. But they couldn’t end their tour and then returned to the town with lots of confusion. And when they came back to the city, they found the entire village is empty. First, they couldn’t understand what has happened, and they found a way to figure this out. Dense forests will cover Their town with no connection from outside the world. They will build up a society to survive from the city. 

When Society 2 Is Coming :

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The first season came out in May 2019, and fans are now much more curious about the second season. As the series is full of adventure and mysteries, it has become very famous among the viewers. As till now, we have not got any real data about its release date. But if it will follow the previous release pattern, then it will come on this May 2020. 

The Cast Members Of Season 2:

In the second season, we will see the cast members like Kathryn Newton, Jack Mulhern, Sean Berdy, Natasha Liu Bordizzo, Jacques Colimon, Olivia DeJonge. 

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We may miss some characters like Rachel Keller, Seth Meriwether, and Chloe Levine as they died in the last season so that they won’t be available for season 2.

What Is Going To Happen In Season 2:

As we saw at the end of season one, Grizz came with the news that he has found an agricultural field. This land may help for agriculture and hunting, and it proved as a new source of living for them. They will find another way to survive in the area. Season 2 will full of struggle as they will search for a single chance to live in. Season 2 is going to be full of thrill and fantastic stories.

The Trailer LEAKED :

Amidst the outburst of Corona, no official trailer has released yet. But fans are claiming that the container has been leaked somehow. But the production house and company has not confirmed anything about the leakage of the container. But we can expect the official trailer very soon. Stay tuned for more updates. 

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