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5 Things From ‘Altered Carbon’ S2 That We Tried To Re-Think About!

The science thriller, Altered Carbon, which never actually left our brains, basically covered the journey of Takeshi Kovacs and, through him, took us to different shades of life and science!
The very intriguing character that can rarely be seen in any series took us to three different bodies through his mind, throughout two seasons!

The technology that had been shown in the series was incredible, and every fan would or wouldn’t want to experience the shades of technology that we rarely get to see on screens! We have five of them listed down, tell us if you relate?

 Cortical stack

Which happens to be the core of the Altered Carbon is made from a non-terrestrial metal. People used this highly to travel through space and mind, through the method called Needlecasting. Who wouldn’t want this to turn real?


Next to that, we want to turn into Reality are Synths. These are biorobotic androids who could change their appearance and are for the ones who are unable to do Needlecasting. However, its insanity did give a problem and two to the creators, but if refined, it is something we wish to turn into real, don’t we?

 Ingram-40 Flechette Pistol

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Even though Takeshi Kovacs was the central character, his dangerous attribute was never undermined too. He had a series of weapons credited to his name, and Ingram-40 Flechette Pistol was the most dangerous of all! Even though he did not use it often, he used it for his advantage, which is anything but fun! We do want this thrill to exist in Reality.

 Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality has lately been the goal and aim of a large number of agencies and corporations in the globalized world now! The trend has mainly shifted towards Virtual Reality and was shown in the series with a larger-than-life image that makes us wonder- what would be living with it? We want it to exist in real!


Lastly, even though we would want Virtual Reality to exist in Reality, but there should be a limit to the usage! Technology can turn from an angel to a demon if used excessively and that precisely what happened with Bay City Police Department when they had access to Hawkeye and used it for extreme torture for suspects. We do not want this to turn true!

A thrill and a great-watch for both the tech-geeks and the Netflix’s serious chillers!

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